Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Great Adventure 2011 Montana – 7/30/11

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This morning we left Glacier Park Lodge and went to Browning for breakfast. The only place we could find was at the Glacier Parks Casino and the breakfast was great! After that we headed to Two Medicine Flats area. There we hiked to 2 waterfalls: Running Eagle Falls and Appistoki Falls. Both were beautiful! Of course we were on our own so Don did a lot of singing (off key of course) to scare away any bears and we didn’t come across any. I want to see some but only through binoculars or through a car window. After that we had lunch in Babb at Thorson’s Café and it was good too.

By then it was time to head to the Swiftcurrent Motor Inn to check in. Thankfully our room was ready for us. What a difference this place was compared to the Glacier Park Lodge! Everyone was smiling and seemed happy to be there. Our room was ready even though we were about an hour earlier than scheduled check in.

Once we checked in, we drove to the Many Glacier Lodge and looked around. It was a beautiful place! How different this place was compared to the Glacier Park Lodge. The staff was welcoming and the whole place was so much cleaner even though they were going through a major renovation! At 4pm we took the historical hotel tour with the ranger and learned about the history of the hotel. After the tour we headed back to Swiftcurrent where the ranger and some volunteers had scopes set up in the parking lot. We were able to see the mountain goats high up on the mountain as well as people hiking down the mountain. I think that was a neat activity to set up for visitors.

What I Learned Today:

· I can spray bug spray on my clothing and it will have the same effect as putting it on my skin. The bugs stayed away from me. Of course I had long hiking pants and a long sleeve shirt. I also sprayed the bug spray on the brim of my hat which helped keep them away from my face.

· The Two Medicine Flats area is not as heavily visited as the other sections of the park. This made it quite enjoyable for hiking.

· The Many Glacier Lodge which was built in 1915 by the Great Northern Railway.

· I would recommend the Many Glacier Lodge and the Swiftcurrent Motor Inn to others.

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Original Photo: by Pat Hensley


M-Dawg said...

Have you ever tried the bug spray stuff that you clip on? Off! sells it. A lot of my friends that have kids swear by it!

I'm really enjoying reading about your trip! Sounds like you and your husband had a fantastic time! :=)

jfb57 said...

What amazing scenery! I'm a wooz when it comes to bugs etc so it would be full kit & spray for me!