Wednesday, July 14, 2010

SRO Award

I recently received an email about an SRO that won an award. I thought I would write about this because some people may not know what an SRO is. An SRO is a school resource officer and many of the duties of an SRO can be different depending on the school the SRO is assigned. I have had a few high schools that had an SRO and they were extremely helpful in my program. I would encourage those of you who have an SRO to get them involved in your classroom and students. I have had an SRO come to my class as a guest speaker each year. I have also had the SRO teach a unit each week for 9 weeks. Helping students develop a rapport with the SRO can change how they see law enforcement. Here is part of the email that I received. If you know of ways to incorporate an SRO in your classroom, please share! crystal-Cody

“Cody Myers, Lifelong Resident of Riverton, Wyoming, Plans to Continue to Give Back to Local Community by Advancing Education, Service as SRO

At the start of the 2010-2011 school year, Myers will celebrate his fifth year as an SRO in the Riverton, Wyoming school system. During that time, he has been instrumental in starting the Wyoming School Resource Officers Association, and will host the first state conference at the local community college in August. In addition to being an SRO, Myers also acts as an educator and instructor with the students at his school and the community through his participation with the National Guard Counter Drug Team’s “Stay on Track” program; “Eddie Eagle” gun prevention program; AmberWatch Foundation’s “Be Safe” program; the school district’s anti-bullying committee; the Riverton High School military science course; seat belt safety education; and coaching middle school wrestling, little league baseball and junior football league; among numerous other activities. Myers is also helping to design a curriculum for a Criminal Law class he will begin teaching with his sergeant, Charles Marshall, at the high school level in the 2010-2011 school year.  Myers is currently enrolled at Central Wyoming College, where he is pursuing Criminal Justice coursework.

In addition to being the on-campus law enforcement officer to his students, according to Myers, his involvement in student activities and even relating to students on a peer level helps him to better maintain a safe learning environment. “The relationships I have made with my students will be with me forever. They know they can talk to me about anything, which has proven to be invaluable on many occasions. Students have trusted me with information about drugs, weapons, fights, and more. This means the world to me as the safety of our kids and our schools is my highest priority as an SRO,” said Myers. 

Shortly after completing his own high school diploma, Myers attended Sheridan Junior College on a rodeo scholarship, but didn’t finish due to his decision to join the army. Ultimately, Myers wants to earn a bachelor’s degree from Central Wyoming College. He plans to continue his work throughout his career as an SRO serving the local schools in Riverton.

‘Being able to continue my education has been a lifelong dream. I have lived my whole life here on the Wind River Indian Reservation. I see firsthand how education can change a person’s life,’ commented Myers.

Myers shares his background story, and how the scholarship will further help him to create a safer school environment in a guest blog posting on the Wren School Security Blog.”

Please read his guest blog post because I found it really interesting!

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