Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My Digital Suitcase

In Six Items in Your Digital Suitcase: Opinion,

Tim challenges,

“Could you cut yourself down to just six essential websites for an entire week?...Along those same lines, could you limit yourself to only two electronic gadgets for an entire month?”

Since I am teaching two graduate classes, I think this is a great question. When I am sharing information like this with people, I think it is really important that I don’t overwhelm them. I think by limiting the information to a list like this, it might make it more palatable to those who are just dipping their toes in the water.

My essential websites would be:

1. Plurk: I have so many online friends through plurk that I feel like I know them in real life. They are my support system and buddies who I can share my good times or bad times. If I ever need help, I know that my plurk buddies are there for me.

2. Twitter: This is the first place I started in order to build my PLN and there are many of my friends who have not moved to plurk so I stay in touch with them through twitter.

3. Ravelry: is a place for knitters, crocheters, designers, spinners, weavers and dyers

4. IGoogle: my news aggregator

5. Google Reader: my blog aggregator so I can keep up with updates on all the blogs that I subscribe to.

6. Facebook: I feel connected with many family and friends and this seems easier for me than just email. Plus, I feel like I am in a conversation rather than just letter writing.

This was easy for me because all of these are my homepage tabs when I open up my browser. These are the main pages for me that I check on a daily basis if not hourly at times. These pages alone carry all the information that I think I need and I don’t feel overwhelmed with information overload.

The two gadgets would be:

1. My new Droid Incredible cell phone which is truly incredible. I think it does everything except cook me dinner and wash dishes!

2. My laptop that I use for blogging and email and looking at all of the essential websites listed above.

So, please join in the conversation. What are your six and two? You can either leave a comment here or write your own post. If you write your own post, please leave the link in a comment here so I can read it.

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Clix said...

!! That's like saying you can only talk to six PEOPLE for a week. Well... unless I can count "Blogger" as a website? ;) Then I'd say Blogger, and Ning, and Wordpress, and Yahoo, and Google... um... and the school network! There we go.

My two gadgets would be ... hm. I like how portable my school laptop is, BUT, it doesn't have World of Warcraft. The home computer does, but it's a desktop. Hm... bit of a toss-up between those two.

The other would be my Sansa clip. I love my music player!

I would GLADLY let all my calls go to voicemail for a week. I'd update my message before I turned off the phone, though. ;)

HappyChyck said...

My essentials:
Facebook, Blogger, Flickr, Delicious, Bloglines, and StumbleUpon.

Life would suck without my MacBookPro, which is school issued, and when it dies, I doubt there's funding for me to get a replacement, so I need to start saving for my own. After 7 years of using Macs, how could I return to a PC?