Monday, April 19, 2010

Successful Teaching Awarded as a Top 50 Innovator in Education

(See the press release below! I’m so honored! Thank you ecollegefinder.)

April 12th, 2010, Philadelphia, PA – Successful Teaching has recently been honored to receive’s Education award Innovator Award.  The Education Innovator Award recognizes the top 50 Internet-based resources that contribute to the advancement of learning into new and innovative formats.  By promoting the emerging trends in education, Successful Teaching facilitates such change by building on traditional techniques while embracing new tools for sharing information and encouraging the desire to learn. 

Successful Teaching epitomizes the role of an educational pioneer, as it engages students, educators and parents alike, and highlights the myriad of educational opportunities available today.  The Education Innovator Award recognizes Successful Teaching’s exploration of new educational methods, as this willingness to embrace new learning formats truly embodies the innovator spirit.  To view more about the award, visit the eCollegeFinder Education Innovator Award page.


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diane said...

Congratulations, Pat! This is very well deserved. Your postings are always thought-provoking and valuable.

Keep up the great work!