Monday, April 5, 2010

April Fool’s Joke


If you noticed last Thursday the post was a little different than usual. No, I didn’t go back into the classroom. No I don’t teach Skater Goober, Elf Boy and Lunch Boy. That post was written by Mrs. Bluebird.

Mister Teacher from Learn Me Good talked a few of us into writing for each other’s blogs and see if any one noticed. My post on Looks aren't Everything is at Scheiss Weekly.

Here's the entire list of April Fools:

Mister Teacher posted "Reasonable" Math Problems at I Want to Teach Forever.

Mr. D posted Use a Dartboard to Review Geometry and Probability at Mrs. Bluebird's Classroom.

Mrs. Bluebird posted Molly the Manager at Successful Teaching.

Mamacita posted "Adult" means "Dirty" at Look at My Happy Rainbow!

Halpey posted Q is for Quickie Mart Clerk? here on Learn Me Good

I hope you enjoyed our little April Fool’s Joke! See you next year!

Posted on the Successful Teaching Blog by loonyhiker (successfulteaching at gmail dot com).

Original image: 'Mingâlaba' by: Tom

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