Thursday, April 22, 2010

Lifting Others

lift In Lift Me Up... from TJ on a Journey by TJ Shay, he says

“Today it struck me completely differently. As a person who is the beneficiary of being lifted up a LOT recently, I started to think of ways to lift others up.....and I don't mean in a 'right a check' sort of way, which I have also done. But really, shouldn't that be my mission now, my life's work?”

This had me thinking about how I can lift others up.


I can help them believe in themselves by helping them be successful. I can plan lessons that build on their prior knowledge and help them grow. I can help them see the importance of learning and how relevant it is to their future. I can help them up when they struggle and fall down. I can help them find alternatives and options when they hit roadblocks. I can encourage them to follow their dreams.


I can show support and be there for them. When times get tough for them, I can encourage them to hang in there. When things are going great, I can celebrate in their success. When problems arise, I can be there to help try to find a solution and when no solution can be found, I can be there to listen to their grief. I can stop during my busy day and really take time to listen rather than brushing them off.


I can help them not get discouraged when their children are frustrated and having problems. I can show them that I value their children and really care about them. I can show parents that I will not give up on their children. When times are tough, I can let parents know how important their support means to me. I can tell parents that we are part of the same team trying to reach the same goal of having their child succeed.


I can be there for them when times are tough as well as during the good times. I will nurture my friendships and not use a busy life as an excuse not to spend time with them. I will be loyal to my friends and not talk behind their backs. I will lean on them when I need to because sometimes leaning can make friends feel trusted. Leaning on others is really hard for me, and not because I don’t trust others, but because my independence is important to me. Others may see this as aloofness which I don’t mean to portray.


I can be there during good and bad times. I can show unconditional love and loyalty. I need to put my family first above all things and let them know how important they are to me. I not only need to tell them but I need to show them.

Lifting others is as important as lifting ourselves up. Sometimes by lifting others up, I find myself lifting myself up too. How do you lift up others?

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Original image: 'Lift Us Up Where We Belong' Jeremy Richardson


TJ Shay said...


Thanks for referring to my blog post. Since I wrote it, I have really been trying to do more lifting....It's amazing how infectious it is!

YOU are definitely the embodiment of the sentiment! You are always lifting up others!



Lakisha Tramill said...

I can appreciate your post because I understand how important it is to be a "light" for someone else. Right now I am a college student seeking a degree in teaching. Helping others is why I want to become a teacher. Helping students, parents, colleagues, friends, and family is extremely time consuming. What advice would you have for maintaining some sort of balance?

Char Paul said...

Perfect timing~ I've been wanting some links about the value of mentoring as a tutor.

Anonymous said...

This is really great stuff...honestly. I too have drawn encouragement from this article and will endeavor to do more "lifting up"!