Sunday, January 28, 2024

Gardening Fun

Yesterday, my hubby and I repotted a bunch of snake plants. First, he drilled holes in the bottom of my new flower pots and then I put a coffee filter in the bottom of each one. He helped me put potting soil in each one. Then we had to separate the snake plants in these cheap plastic containers. We had so many leftovers that we planted some in the garden around the back patio. I ended up throwing away some because there was nowhere else to plant. Then we transplanted the firecracker bush from the side of the house to the garden around the shed. Hopefully, tomorrow when it is cooler, I will take up all the concrete scallop edging and let the grass fill in on the side of the house. Since we never see that side, it is a waste of time to plant flowers over there.

I have an online friend, Maddie, (aka Madgardener) who has been my online friend since 1998. When I got first got on the internet on the computer, I found a chat room called rec.gardens. We became gardening friends there and eventually transitioned to Facebook and continue to be friends. She is always posting wonderful pictures of her plants and I promised her that I would post some pictures of our plants here in Florida.

Snake plants in front of the living room

Orchid and Angel Wing Begonia

Candlestick Plant

Night Blooming Cereus

Aloe and Firecracker plant


Maddie Stretch (aka the Madgardener) said...

you honour me, sweet lady. I cherish our friendship in whatever way it has evolved and flourished all these past 25 plus years. Your plants look happy, and knowing you gave them moisture and love as you potted them and relocated them will hopefully insure their survival. Thank you for the honorable mention (blushing smile)and I hope we are able to maintain our ongoing mature friendship and horticultural adventures in our lives. And manage a hug up close one day.

Maddie Stretch (aka the Madgardener) said...

I am honoured for your mention, sweet friend. I still cherish our friendship and gardening and other chats all these 25 plus years. And I look forwards to more and hope one day we can hug each other. Your plants look happy. Time will tell with their successful transplanting. Keep me posted. The environment and change in all the specifics of those plants vary as you're finding out. Just because it's Florida and these plants are hardy to the growing zone and "soil" and climate still means trial and error experiences. Which is why I have kept a journal to suppliment my horticultural knowlege and share my findings with other gardeners. I am always learning and adapting regardless of WHERE I garden.