Sunday, January 14, 2024

Floor Restoration

For a couple of years now, I’ve talked about restoring the terrazzo floors in our Florida home and I finally got my husband to agree to do it. I put in 4 calls to different companies and I only got one to call back. They sent out a guy who offered to do it and we agreed. Of course, I couldn’t remember which company it was that showed up. So, we wrote up a simple contract and when he came out, we had him sign it before he started the job. We paid him half at the end of the first day and the remainder of the money on the last day. He did ask for a $100 advance on the third day which we gave him. Then on the last day, he wanted the full payment after only being here for 2 hours and we refused to do it until the end of the job. It took 4 days and our house was in total chaos. But I’m glad we finally got it all done!

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