Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Out of Seat Behavior

Another question, on an education forum that I participate in, was asked:

“I am a secondary teacher in the EC setting. I have a student who is constantly displaying behaviors that are interrupting my class daily. He also find a reason to get out of his seat and also talk across the room during instruction. He has a BIP in place but nothing is really working for him. We have even modified his day due to all the major incidents that has happened. Some of the things I have tried is to give him choices, allow him to work then break for 10 mins, allowed him to access YouTube to listen to music, and choice of chips/drink/candy at the end of each week if he does well with his behavior cart. He also receives social skills during class time. Do you all have anymore suggestions on what I can do to help him be successful?”

Has a conference been held with this student to ask him why he is doing this? Has he had input into what would help him not exhibit this behavior? Has he given input into what rewards he would be willing to work for?

Many times I see teachers create a behavior plan that works for the teacher but not the student. At this age, the student should have input into a behavior plan and work towards self-monitoring his own behavior.

He might be getting out of his seat because he is anxious about the assignment. Is there a way to give him a visual schedule of what to expect during class? In my class, we had a regular routine and if the student knew what was going to happen, this helped lower his level of anxiety.

Also, I would start off with a more frequent reward rather than once a week. A daily goal and reward would help the student get into the habit of appropriate behavior. Eventually, he could be weaned to weekly rewards. If he starts off with a weekly reward and never earns it, he is set up for failure.

What advice would you give this teacher? Please share.

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