Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Halfway Between a Drone and a Plane

“The NVIV (Next Vista Inspiring Video) series of posts are written by Rushton Hurley and designed to provide students and teachers with fascinating discussion prompts.”

In Halfway Between a Drone and a Plane, Rushton features George Steinmetz, who uses something he describes as a “flying lawn chair” to take amazing photos.

Rushton gives the following prompts to accompany this video:

“In this video, Steinmetz talks about what he has seen across Africa from this flying machine and shares stunning pictures that he has taken.

What would people see if they looked at your community from several hundred feet in the air? Would they learn something important about what is valued by you, your family, and the families of those around you?

Without leaving the ground, how might you gain a different perspective on the places you are each day?”

I loved seeing all the photos because they were truly amazing. Students would enjoy seeing them too because I believe it would open their eyes to all the possibilities that the world offers. It also lets them see other places around the world. I like the idea of how something looks different from a different perspective so it would be fun to have students take photos or things around them from a different perspective than the normal view. They could experiment and then share their results with the class.

Please check out the video and think of other prompts you might come up with. Please share.

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