Thursday, November 3, 2022

Math - Counting

On the education forum that I follow, this question was asked:

Hello. I am a pre-service teacher in a first-grade general education classroom. There is a student in the classroom who needs one-on-one assistance with all their math lessons. When the student counts, they always omit the number 15. What can I do to help this learner with their counting and omission of the number "15." Thanks.

Try using an egg carton that holds 18 eggs. At the bottom of each section, write the numbers in order. Have the student place an item in each section in order as they count the number that is shown. The more they do this, they should be saying the number “15” each time and eventually won’t need to look at the numbers written.

Another activity would be to make a hopscotch-style grid with chalk on the ground. Write the numbers 1-20 in each square. Have the children say the numbers as they hop to each square in order.

Another activity would involve plastic solo cups. Write numbers on the outside of each cup and have the student put the cups inside each other as they count the numbers in order.

What other activities could you suggest? Please share.

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