Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Using Music in the Classroom

In Making students comfortable entering the virtual classroom from On an e-Journey with Generation Y, murcha shares,

“To allow time for all students to enter the classroom, relax and catch their breath after their previous class, it helped to play music as the class started.”

I would please different music in my class depending on the activity. When they would enter the room, I would play songs that I felt were welcoming.

During individual classwork, I would play classical music because I had read somewhere that students who listen to classical music while they study do better in math. I wasn’t sure but I figured what did I have to lose. It had a calming effect on students who tended to get frustrated with math. Also, it helped students with behavior problems. I’m not sure it helped their math scores other than the fact that they were able to focus better on the assignments. I also used it in all subject areas.

If I wanted the students to be more active, I would play livelier music. During brain breaks, it was fun to do some exercises to music.

During creative writing, I would like to play instrumental music and ask the students to imagine a movie scene that would play this music. Then I would have them write the story out. My students were able to write better because they could visualize the scenes with the music. Sometimes I would ask students to write a story and then find music that they would play at the beginning, before specific events, and the ending of their stories. It would really bring their stories to life.

Sharing favorite music is also a fun activity. I would not allow them to share any songs with profanity, violence, or illegal activities in it though. Sometimes I would see a song that most of the students liked and we would analyze the lyrics. This is a great critical thinking activity. I liked to share favorite songs of my own and have them look at the lyrics.

Songs can be used to highlight historical events. There are many songs to use that were written during the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, World War II, and the Vietnam Warm. Songs can help put the events in context with the people of that time period.

Find popular songs that students can alter the lyrics to and have them share the song with the class. I have had students rewrite many popular Christmas songs and it is a lot of fun to see what they can come up with.

How do you use music in the classroom? Please share.

Photo by Stefany Andrade on Unsplash

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