Thursday, December 10, 2020

Tree of Joy

Christmas is my favorite season. I love the decorations and the music as well as the feeling of excitement. During this holiday season, I’m reminded of those who don’t celebrate the same holidays as I do. Yet, I want to include these students in my season of joy.

While watching an Arne & Carlos podcast, these knitwear designers are sharing their holiday traditions. Arne likes to look for Christmas ornaments all year long and may find something pretty that would make a nice ornament. It might not have anything to do with Christmas but he likes it.

This made me think that having a tree of joy would be a nce thing to have in the classroom. Students can bring an ornament that brings them joy and add it to the tree. This can be in the classroom all year long and students can add or take off any of their ornaments. When they add an ornament, they can share something about the item that brings them joy.

It helps to see things from a different perspective. Something that I might see as ordinary might bring joy to someone else. It would be good for students to see how different people can value different things.

Sometimes it is nice to remind ourselves that there are many things in our life that brings us joy. The bad things in the world can sometimes overshadow the good things. Having a Tree of Joy would be good to remind students not to forget the joyous things in their life.

What would you add to the Tree of Joy? Why? Please share.

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

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