Friday, July 24, 2020

Useful Information In and Out of the Classroom 07/24/2020

Here are some interesting sites that I’ve found this week, thanks to my PLN. As a teacher, I feel we have to keep up to date concerning research in our field and current issues in the education system. I hope some of these inspire you, inform you, and even have you asking questions. Thank you for coming by and visiting!

Note: Each resource is labeled with a level and subject area to make it easier to use.

Levels: E: Elementary; M: Middle; H: High; G: General, all levels; SN: Special Needs; T: Teachers

Subject Areas: LA: Language Arts, English, Reading, Writing; M: Math; S: Science; Health; SS: Social Studies, Current Events; FA: Fine Arts; Music, Art, Drama; FL: Foreign Language; PE: Physical Ed; C: Career; A: All

Math Art Challenges – “Hey folk! Here are links to all of the #MathArt Challenge …challenges. Please feel free to share widely. This dropbox folder has lots of videos/pictures, too. Also, if you have an idea for a future day, I would love to hear it (and credit you, of course!)” (L:M,H;SA:M,FA)

Journey North – “Tracking Migrations and Seasons; Use News Updates to drive instruction. Each update includes a journal page with a question to explore, an activity to try, a map to analyze and more. Over the season, the journal becomes a workplace where students explore ever-changing events, record compelling questions, formulate hypotheses, and document discoveries.” (L:G;SA:S)

Chatterpix Kids – “Simply take any photo, draw a line to make a mouth, and record your voice. Then share your Pix with friends and family as silly greetings, playful messages, creative cards, or even fancy book reports. And best of all, it’s FREE! AGES: 6-12.“ChatterPix Kids” does not collect any personal information or include sharing features.” (L:E;SA:A)

Code with Google – “Practical computer science skills can help students learn and create and bring more relevance to nearly any subject – from history to literature to current events.”

NowComment – “NowComment makes it easy to have rich, engaging discussions of online documents no matter how large (or small) your class or collaboration group. NowComment is fast, powerful, and feature-rich: you can sort comments, skim summaries, create assignments, hide comments, reply privately, and much more It's free, a project managed by Paul Allison, a consultant for the NYC Writing Project and the NWP.”

Original photo by Pat Hensley

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