Thursday, July 23, 2020

Make One Improvement

In the book 2 Second Lean by Paul A. Akers (a free book), he talks about making an improvement each day.

“Just give me a single 2 second improvement a day. That’s it. That’s all I ask for. A 2 second improvement.”

This would be a great place to start in my own home, so I am starting this with my office. It started with what bugs me and the main thing is how easily I let clutter accumulate.

I think one thing that I could do that doesn’t take much time or energy is to put my clothes away. I pile clean laundry on a chair and don’t put it away until the piles fall over. This would be a quick and easy fix and make me feel better in the long run. Once I make this a new habit, I think I would keep it up.

This would be a great thing to do in the classroom. One thing that takes time is to gather necessary things for a emergency drill. I kept a bag filled with necessary items so that when we had to evacuate, all I needed to do was grab the bag on the way out of the door. The bag included my attendance roster, pen and pencil, forms to turn in to an administrator, disposable gloves, and band aids. I would now add a facemask in the bag.

The important thing to remember is to keep this bag in the same place so I would know where to find it when needed. I would also need to keep the attendance roster up to date in case any new students enroll or if any withdraw.

What 2 second improvement can you make in your life or work? Please share.

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