Monday, June 29, 2020

Teaching Online: Organizational Prep work

I am currently teaching a practicum class online and we run a virtual school program. I am learning a lot of things and want to share some tips along the way.

Usually, when everyone joins the class, there is a general time for everyone to share things and for teachers to welcome everyone. I think this is a good time to check that everyone has all the materials they will need for class. You could even come up with a daily checklist.

For example:

·      Pencil
·      Lined paper
·      Reading worksheet printed (was emailed yesterday)
·      Reading book
·      Item to share – my favorite toy
·      Small items to use for counting
·      Math worksheet printed (was emailed yesterday)

By checking with everyone before you start teaching, it will give students time to get anything they are missing. It will also help from interrupting the lesson while you are teaching it. Plus, it is a good practice to get into, whether they are attending class online or in person.

What other things would you suggest? Please share.

Photo by STIL on Unsplash

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