Monday, June 1, 2020

City Unrest

“Frey said an "all out effort" will be implemented in the coming days to restore peace in the city, including calling in resources from the state and other jurisdictions and setting up a "unified command structure" to aid coordination between the agencies.”

I’m sorry that a man died and for his family who is suffering. I think the situation should be investigated and dealt with appropriately. But I don’t understand why people think that rioting and looting is an appropriate way to protest.

In fact, I don’t think that rioting and looting have anything to do with protesting.

I believe that criminals are just using the situation as an excuse to commit crimes and agitate people in order to cover up their crimes. What gives people the right to destroy personal property and steal just because they feel angry?

I also believe all this media coverage is just giving them more fuel and attention. We should not be allowing these crimes to be called protests because of the situation. We should just be calling the crimes as crimes and treating it as such. The media needs to stop giving this criminal attention and notoriety by linking it to a protest.

By allowing these crimes to be linked to a cause is only disrespecting the cause.

It has nothing to do with the cause and won’t even help the cause at all.

I have seen videos where people are looting stores and I hope the police use those videos and arrest. I hope people see the rioting and looting for what it is and just a cover-up for crimes.

Photo by Bill Oxford on Unsplash

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