Monday, October 28, 2019

More Halloween Ideas

Halloween is coming up and many cities are celebrating it on the weekend instead of a school night so I thought I would add some more Halloween activities for your toolbox.

Suggestions for costumes:

My friend helped his son make a costume as a Rain Bird sprinkler.
I always thought Robin Hood would be an easy costume to make.
I won a prize for the best costume as Pinocchio. (I’m not sure children of today know who Pinocchio is, so maybe we need to introduce that story to children of today.)
Here are some sites that give some great ideas. They are really fun to look at!
45 DIY Halloween Costumes  - these are adult costumes, but some could be adapted for children.

Math – Use candy corn or small pumpkin candies as number counters or bingo markers
Writing Prompts:
·      My favorite Costume
·      I dressed my dog/cat as a _________.
·      It was a dark Halloween night and …
·      What Scares Me
·      The Friendly Ghost
·      The Wise Witch
·      Draw a scary picture and write a story about it.
Science –
Make straw skeletons


Do you have any other suggestions for Halloween activities? Please share.

Photo by Julia Raasch on Unsplash

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