Thursday, October 3, 2019

Be a Teacher Artist

In A useful definition of art from Seth Godin's Blog by Seth Godin states,

“Art isn’t painting or canvas or prettiness. Art is work that matters.”

I believe that artists are people are creating something new

When I go to Subway, I meet sandwich artists. I like to eat at Subway and get a footlong sub. The people who make my sub are not all the same and some make it better than others. I’ve been told that these people are considered sandwich artists and that they are creating something for you.

I love to go to town festivals where there are vendor booths for craft artists. It amazes me when they can create things from different mediums. Sometimes they use materials that I would never have even considered using or mixing together.

The appreciation of art can differ depending on the person who is looking at it but the artist creates something personal. What is created matters to the artist and to others who value the art.
Then I began to think about what teachers do in the classroom. We are creating productive citizens within society. We use different materials to make a difference.

Teachers are constantly shaping, refining, and creating in the classroom.

Teachers take pride in their finished product.

Teaching is work that matters.

Therefore, teachers are artists.

So, be a teacher artist!

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