Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Sucking Energy

In Faucets and drains from Seth Godin's Blog , Seth Godin states,

“Some people, every time they engage with others, are an energy drain. They take persuading, cajoling and enthusiasm to get going, and require ever more of it to keep going.”

I think it is important to teach my students how to identify those that such the energy from them.

Too many times my students are spending energy trying to make friends and get others to like them. They want to belong. They want to feel less isolated and lonely, so their peers are important to them. The students need to find the right people who encourage them and help them move forward in their lives.

If there is someone who will “step” on me in order to move up in life is not the person I want to hang around with.

If someone belittles me in order to feel better about themselves, they are not the person to consider a friend.

If someone who constantly whines or complains a lot, it can suck the positive energy from me and infect me with this negative energy.

Someone who is negative all the time can suck the positive energy right from me and keep me from achieving my goals.

The hard part is that these energy suckers are sneaky. They can sneak into my life and hang onto me like Velcro without realizing it. Before I know it, I feel depressed and hopeless. I don’t want to take risks in order to learn new things because I’m afraid of failure.

The biggest skill is recognizing who they are and taking action to distance myself from them.

By modeling this behavior, I’m showing my students how to identify the energy suckers and try to find better friends.

How do you recognize and deal with the people who suck energy from you? Please share.

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