Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Protesting Against History

I understand that there were upsetting times in our history. There are many that upset some and not others. There are some things that people don’t even realize are offensive to others.

As a Chinese-American, there are so many offensive things towards Asians that happened throughout history but isn’t recognized by many.  My grandfather worked on the railroad when the railroad was getting established. The Chinese Exclusion Act was a terrible time for my ancestors. But I don’t want railroad history to change just because my ancestors were treated terribly!

I disagree with getting rid of historical monuments, documents, or anything historical just because someone is offended. I’m sure that everyone might find a reason to find anything and everything offensive to them!

We can’t erase history. We shouldn’t change the way history is taught by omitting events because we are doing a major disservice to our children. By learning history, we learn not to make the same mistakes.

Slavery is offensive! We had leaders in our early history that were slave owners. I don’t think we should wipe them away and pretend they didn’t exist. Even today, the people that we think are great leaders may be seen as offensive to future generations. How can we even think about manipulating history this way?  

Some people find the idea of the holocaust offensive. I’m not saying they are right, but I am saying it is wrong not to teach our children about it. It was a horrible tragic event in our history and it is important for our children to know about it so we don’t let it happen again.

The US Civil War was a tragic time in our history, but it happened. By wiping away evidence of civil war leaders, we are trying to change the way our children are learning history. How can they learn from other’s mistakes?

I believe if people find some place or something offensive, don’t go there. If I find a restaurant owner has beliefs that differ than my own values, I won’t support the business. If I don’t like a monument, then I won’t pay money to go there!

But I don’t believe that just because some people don’t want something that others do, they have the right to keep those that want it from having it. If it is not doing physical harm or is not illegal, then those that don’t want it need to just avoid it and leave everyone else alone!

I’m sure this post will offend some readers. I’m sorry if you are offended but this is the way I feel. Just as you have a right to the way you feel, so do I. I feel that history manipulation is very wrong.

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