Tuesday, February 20, 2018

My Empty Chair

In Empty Chairs Matter from Cool Cat Teacher Blog by coolcatteacher@gmail.com, Victoria A Davis, Cool Cat Teacher shares,

“Feel time passing? Live your life as a legacy of a life well lived. Write the story only you can write.”

I hope that when I’m gone, and people are talking about me that they can say good things about me.

I hope they seem me as a positive person always starting the day off on a positive note. I try to start each day by posting a happy greeting online to start off my day. I try to smile when I’m around other people and try not to complain about things. I have a policy that if I have nothing nice to say, I don’t say anything at all. I think that people respect me more for this and that they will remember that I was like this.

I also hope that they see me as being persistent and that I try not to give up when things get tough. I think this means that I try to do something that I want to do but if I need help, I’m not too stubborn that I won’t ask for help. This was something that I really had to learn to do and didn’t come easy for me.

I want people to know that I loved to learn. I love learning how to do new things. I tried to learn something new each year. I loved to research things that peaked my curiosity. I am a lifelong learner and I’m proud of it.

I think people would see that I tried to live life to the fullest. I tried to enjoy life and not have regrets. It is too easy to get in a rut and never push myself to do other things. I love to travel and meet new people even though I have a hard time meeting new people.

This would be a great activity for students to do. So many young people are dying at an early age. Some die from car wrecks, some from drugs, and some from different forms of violence. Students need to think about what people would say about them. Maybe this would help some students make better choices.

What would people say about you after you are gone? Please share.

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