Monday, February 5, 2018

Getting Out of My Comfort Zone

In 11 Things to Be Instead of Comfortable from @DavidGeurin Blog, David Geurin shares 11 things he wants to be to push beyond what's comfortable. He asks,

“Are you willing to step out of your comfort zone in the coming year? What else would you add to the list?”

I like the things that were listed and agree with all of them. Since I love being a lifelong learner, these things really spoke to my heart.

Here are some things I thought could be added to the list.

Engaged – I need to be focused and engaged in what I’m doing. Even if it becomes difficult and I feel myself getting frustrated, I need to stay engaged.

Active – I need to be an active learner. This means giving new things a try, following a demonstration, or even experimenting to find out if something works.

Excited – I need to be excited about learning something new. The excitement helps to move me forward when fear tries to make me stop.

Risk Taker – I need to be willing to fail and know that my learning doesn’t stop with my failure. If things don’t work out, I need to figure out why and try a different way to succeed.

Reflective – I need to reflect on whether I made progress, why I enjoyed something, why something worked or didn’t work, and how I can move forward in my learning. I think this is so important after learning experience. This is where I can see my progress.

What would you add to the list? Please share.

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