Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Technology – Then and Now

“What piece of technology do you most regret not having when you were a younger? How would having it have changed your life?”

I think the best technology that I own is my smartphone. I use it to check my email, my calendar, and Facebook. I use my maps app for directions to places. I can check websites for information and phone numbers. Using my scanner on the phone, I can check prices at Walmart. I can compare prices with other stores. I’m also to get more information on products that I may be interested in buying. I can also call for information, to let people know if I’m running late or if I’m having a problem or call for emergency help.

I do not use my phone when I’m driving because I wish other drivers wouldn’t but when I’m a passenger, I use it a lot.

I remember reading paper maps and looking for pay phones and I don’t miss either one of them.

I am able to stay in touch with my elderly parents and my sister and her family who live far away from me.

I feel so much more informed and connected that I did when I was younger.

I think if I didn’t not have my phone, my family would have drifted apart due to distance. I would not feel as secure in traveling as I do now.

What technology do you wish you had when you were younger? Please share.

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