Wednesday, November 1, 2017

From Different Viewpoints

In Live to See from Tinkerings, Tim shares,

“It is always interesting to me how two people can witness the same events and come away with totally different stories about what happened.”

This really struck a chord with me because I’ve seen that a lot over the years. I also think this is important when we are thinking on how to best help a student be successful in the future.

My husband and I can see something happen and both of us seemed to notice different things or focused on different things.

When we hear a conversation, and talk about it later, both of us may feel like the speakers meant entirely different things.

Sometimes we will go out and I will feel offended by someone but my husband will tell me that I’m too sensitive. Or we may swap positions in a different situation.

If we have an argument, my husband perceives my words differently than how I intend for them to be seen.

When we watch a movie together, it is always interesting to talk about it later because the things I remember are not what he remembers and things he remembers seeing are not things I remember seeing.

Even in the classroom, I think things can be very different depending on the person teaching the information.

I grew up in NY and then came to SC to go to college to be a teacher. Even different historical events were different from the southern point of view than the northern point of view. I was learning to teach things differently than the way I learned.

If I go to a conference to learn about a specific topic, I feel I learn different things from different presenters. A person who teachers a student with a learning disability has a whole different perspective than a family member who lives with this student.

I think it is important for these views to come together to help my students be successful in the classroom. Only seeing life from one direction is not the way life happens and will give my student a distorted view of what the future will be like. That is why teamwork is so important with the team consisting of all different people helping the student from all different directions.

How do you feel about different viewpoints? How do you bring them all together? Please share.

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