Wednesday, August 24, 2016

U is for Usefulness

I think it is important that students learn that usefulness is important. This is especially true on the job site. If an employer doesn’t see you as being useful, then they don’t need you.

No matter what job you have, an employee needs to find a way to be useful.

If I worked in a fast food place, I would look for things I could do when I wasn’t busy. If there were no customers, I would start cleaning without being told to do it. Employers like when employees take some initiative. If there are things that need to be done and I have time, I would take the time to do it, even if it is someone else’s job. That will make me more useful than the other person.

If I’m in an office, I would pay attention to jobs that other people do and try to learn some of the things that they do. Then if something comes up where I am able to do something without having to get help, it will only make me look better.

If I am a volunteer, I will pay attention to other jobs that I am able to do and offer to do them if I am not busy with something else. Sometimes, volunteers have some down time while new jobs are found. It is helpful if you see a need and offer to help with it.

It is important where ever I am and in whatever job I am doing, I need to pay attention to other people and the things they are doing. The more things I can learn; the more usefulness I will have. If the company plans to downsize, they will get rid of the people who are dead weight and not those who are more useful and can do different things.

What other ways can a person show usefulness in the workplace? Please share.

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