Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Summer Learning Place 2016 Review

My summer graduate class has ended and I’ve submitted my grades. Everyone passed my class.

One of the best things about this class is seeing the growth in my teachers and their students. At the beginning, the teachers can’t imagine having any kind of impact on the students in 15 days and then they see what a difference they have made.

Parents seemed happy with the progress their children made in such a short time.

Things I will do differently next year:

I didn’t go over the rubrics with my students (the teachers) and I’m not sure they understood what I was looking for. I asked them to read over the rubrics but I’m not sure the really did.

I need to give more suggestions for the final ceremony and maybe show some examples.

I need to impress on my students that their grade is lowered for errors in their paperwork. I need to be more specific on how much I take off for every error. My students did not proofread their work as well as I had expected. I don’t expect them to be perfect but there were too many errors at one time that should have been corrected if proofread.

I need to impress on the parents that any absence or tardy may result in their child not being accepted in future sessions. There were too many student tardies and absences this year.


Overall, it went well but this year I only had 5 teachers and 20 students. Last year I had 8 teachers and 32 students. What a difference in the atmosphere a smaller group can make. It was less hectic for me and less paperwork but I was concerned about how the final ceremony would turn out. I did like how 2 classes posted artwork and posters in the back of the room for parents to look at.

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