Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Day After Memorial Day

I know everyone yesterday was talking about Memorial Day so I thought I would wait until the day after.

Memorial Day in the USA is a day on which those who died in active military service are remembered.

Throughout our country, there were parades and special events of remembrance.

I saw a friend of mine on Facebook how he has already started telling his infant daughter about Memorial Day and what it means.

I also notice that many people take this time to thank those who are veterans for their sacrifices and service to our country.

It fills my heart with pride when I see and hear these things. I also see this a lot on Veteran’s Day in November.

I need to make it a point to thank those veterans still alive and remember those who died on other days too, and not just these two important days. Many suffered during their days of service and still suffer after they return home. Many families still suffer from loss.

So, on the day after Memorial Day, I want to thank those who served our country and I want to thank those who are still on active duty. You all are in my thoughts and prayers, not just yesterday and not just today but also every day!

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