Thursday, May 21, 2015

Becoming Unique – Book Review

Recently I was sent the book Becoming Unique by James Charles.   (I am not being paid to review this book.)  Here is the review of the book.

The author writes about his life in England, Scotland and Ireland. I found it interesting to see how life is different politically and economically compared to the US. Even the healthcare system is drastically different from my life.

The author writes about his life chronologically and he isn’t diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder until he reaches the age of 40. I found it interesting how his interactions with others  was impacted with his disability but not really understood until he was diagnosed. He really struggled to make sense of the world around him and was somewhat successful even though he obviously had difficulties. I’m glad his wife was a strong support system throughout his story. I also liked the way he looked back at some of his difficulties and could understand how and why they happened.

It was a little hard for me to read the story because it wasn’t an easy read but when I reminded myself that this was written by someone who has a disability, it was easier to push myself to the end. I also could understand why it was written the way it was. I think that teachers would find this book interesting because they would see life from the perspective of someone dealing with a disability. It might help teachers see that the way they deal with students has a big impact on their life. Some students may have a disability but haven’t been diagnosed yet.

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