Thursday, May 14, 2015

Fighting Negativity

In Stay Positive: 7 Ways to Cancel the Noise of Negativity from Cool Cat Teacher Blog, Victoria A Davis, Cool Cat Teacher, asks,

“Think of those people or places where negativity clouds the space like fog on a warm spring day. What can you do to cancel out the noise?”

Hearing others express negativity can be annoying, especially if it is something that happens on a regular basis.  If it is a one-time thing where strangers are involved, I tend to just remove myself from the area if at all possible. If I can’t remove myself, I usually suffer though it because it isn’t worth the grief and heartache to have a confrontation. If I’m alone, I will put some earbuds in and try to distract my brain from hearing the negativity around me.

There are several things I do to fight negativity when it surrounds me at the workplace.
I try not to hang around places that breed negativity such as a teacher’s lounge when it starts.
I try not to hang around people who are constantly negative. I like to surround myself with positive people.  Sometimes these positive people may have a negative attitude but it usually isn’t a common practice.

If someone approaches me with a negative opinion and they want me to agree with it, I usually try to stay neutral. I don’t want to feed a negative attitude with a negative attitude. I may try to say that I haven’t made up my mind yet or I’m still thinking about it.

If I strongly disagree with someone with a negative opinion, I may voice my own opinion in hopes to change their opinion.

I may try to bring humor into the situation to diffuse the negativity.

What do you do when you encounter negativity? Please share.

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