Monday, January 26, 2015

Red Zone Rivals – Book Review

I recently read the book Red Zone Rivals by Eric Howling. This is the review of this book (I am not being paid to give this review).

This book is about a football player who is dealing with some changes going on in his life. His coach leaves for a new position and he has to deal with a new coach. He also has to deal with classmate problems and a girlfriend who breaks up with him. These are a lot of changes for an adolescent to deal with!

As soon as I started reading, I realized that this was definitely a book that boys would enjoy. It begins with football plays and of course, I don’t know a lot about the plays and positions so it was hard for me to get into. Then it started getting better when the characters stood out and I learned more about their personalities. Once I figured out what the story was about, I enjoyed it. I think boys will stick with it from the beginning because the sports theme will really catch them. This book would be great for a middle school library or classroom.

This book would be great to open up discussions on disabilities (physical and learning problems), bullying, relationships, illnesses, and dealing with change. It might be a good class novel to read together because girls would enjoy the overall story too.

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