Thursday, January 8, 2015

Beyond Expected

In I shipped in 2014 - you can too from Blue Skunk Blog, Doug Johnson asks,

"What, beyond just doing one's job, did you accomplish (not try to do, not intend to do, not think about doing, not hope to get done, not plan to do - but actually DO) in 2014?”

So, I began to think of this past year and what I accomplished. At first I didn’t really think that I did very much. Then I started looking at the data and was pretty happy with the results. Here is what I’ve found:

My blog:
I posted 259 blog posts last year.
I have reached over 1 million page views of my blog.
I had over 368,000 visitors to my blog.

My crafts:
I knit or crocheted 14,495 yards of yarn.
I knit or crocheted 36 projects.
I spun 4009 yards of yarn.

My travels:
We traveled 127 days of the year.
We went on 6 cruises.

So, what have you accomplished last year? It might be more than you thought. Please share.

Image: 'People of Accomplishment'
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