Monday, June 23, 2014

Why Do Camels - Book Review

camelsI recently was asked by Flowerpot Press to review the book Why Do Camels by Jennifer Shand and illustrated by T. G. Tjornehoj. I am not being paid to give this review but here it is.

This is a great book for young children to have read to them or for beginning readers to start reading. It can also be used by elementary teachers to introduce subjects for learning and discussion. The illustrations are wonderful too. I would definitely recommend using this book in a classroom, a school library, or even in child’s home.

Here are some teaching suggestions that could be used in the classroom or at home with this book.

Vocabulary lessons:

· Learn animal names such as kangaroo, camel, elephant, giraffe, and meerkat.

· Learn words with more than one syllable such as hopscotch, eyelash, earrings, lollipop, treasure and underground.

Science lessons:

· Learn about the habitats that each of the animals live in.

· Learn about how different animals survive in their environments.

· Learn about what kinds of food the animals eat.


· Look at the different types of sentences.

· Identify sentences that have question marks.

· Give students some of the passages without any punctuation marks. Have them add the correct ones.

Social Studies:

· Locate the countries where these animals live on a map.

· Study the countries where these animals live.

· Study the climate of the country.

· Identify other animals that live in the country.

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