Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Spartan Up - Book Review

Spartan UpI recently was sent the book by Spartan Up! By Joe De Sena. This is the review that I posted on Amazon (and I am not being paid to give this review):

At first I thought this was just another exercise book until I started reading it. While I may not be totally into his gung-ho regime, I think the author is extremely motivating. There are so many great ideas that inspirational and motivational that I could not begin to give you a sample. I started underlining all the great things so I can come back to them again. I may not be ready to go to the extremes of his exercise program, it did motivate me to exercise more.

I think this would also be a good book for teachers to read. I think they would find it motivational in getting things done in their own career. Plus, I believe they would find a lot of statements would be motivational for their students. As a special ed teacher, I can see my students relating to many of the obstacles that were mentioned and how hard they struggle to overcome these obstacles. Like many of the contestants in the races, my students that succeed are the ones who never give up. Over years they have had to build up their own stamina and strength to face their fears, struggles, and defeats in their educational growth.

I liked the way that this book could be used in a variety of situations and not just in physical fitness. It can be used in a fitness class and other classes. Teachers could use this as a reference for some class lessons. I would definitely recommend this book to others that want that push to improve their lives.

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