Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Remember Me

memoriesIn 15 More Days from Lisa's Lingo, Lisa Parisi talks about how her students will remember her. Then she asks,

“What will you be remembered for?”

Here is how I want my students to remember me:

  • She made a difference in my life.
  • She encouraged me to be the best that I can be.
  • She encouraged me to look for the best in all people.
  • She never let me give up.
  • She never gave up on me.
  • She kept an open mind.
  • She listened to me when I needed to talk.
  • She believed in me.
  • She cared.
  • She liked to learn new things and share them with us.
  • She admitted to not knowing everything but was willing to help us find the answers.
  • She made learning fun.

How do you want to be remembered? Please share.

Image: 'Reading Aloud to Children'
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