Monday, June 30, 2014

Hands on Math Projects - Book Review

HandsOnMathI recently was asked by Flowerpot Press to review the book Hands-On Math Projects by The Flowerpot Children’s Press, Inc. editorial team. I am not being paid to give this review but here it is. This book retails for $12.99 and has 160 pages.

The book is an amazing book full of hands on math activities that are geared for children 6-8 years old but some of them were even enticing me! The pictures in the book are also helpful with the different steps that are given. There is a mixture of real photos along with illustrations. I really liked how the instructions were given in simple steps that were easy to understand. There are also helpful hints along with ways to explore the concept in different ways. Concepts include exploring numbers, fractions, patterns, number facts, shapes, and plotting points.

I could see this as a valuable resource for an elementary school teacher. By using this books as a basic start, the teacher can adjust the lesson to meet the needs of the students. This makes it great for a general education teacher or a special education teacher.

I could also see this on the classroom library shelf to be used by students who complete their work ahead others. By choosing a project out of this book not only are they improving their math skills but also their reading skills.

I also think this would be great for older children to use when working with younger children. Both students would benefit from completing projects in this book. It would improve reading, math, and social skills.

So, if you haven’t check out this book, I would recommend looking at it!

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Sioux Roslawski said...

Pat--I'm not teaching math this upcoming year, but my colleague is teaching STEM (science, technology and math) so I will pass the title onto her.

It sounds like a great book.