Monday, December 2, 2013

Monthly Review of Goals from November

Goals November is now gone and it has been a busy month. I can’t believe how quickly time flies! It is time to review my goals and see how I did last month. All of my goals can be found here. The ones that are in bold are ones that I have already accomplished.

For the year:

1. I want to spin the alpaca fiber that I processed with some wool. (I accomplished this!)

2. I want to knit a sweater. (I’ve finished the Gnarled Oak cardigan and added these really cool wooden buttons!)

3. I want to dye yarn. (I still haven’t had the courage to try this yet.)

4. I want to spruce up my gardens this year. (I need to get out an blow the leaves out of the yard now.)

5. I won’t commit to more to more than I can handle. (I was asked to be on another team with the Red Cross but I turned it down.)

6. I will find something good in each day. (It has been easier to do this during November because we have gone out to a lot of disaster calls for the Red Cross this month. It has made me more grateful for what I have in my life.)

7. I will learn archery. (We had our lesson and hope to give it another try. I really enjoyed this but not sure I’m ready to invest a $1000 in bows and arrows for us.)

8. I will nurture old friendships. (I spend catching up with a friend while we walked on the Swamp Rabbit Trail.)

9. I will lose at least 20 lbs. this year. (I’m down 20 lbs. and inches off my measurements.)


1. I will eat healthy. (I have really worked hard on this for November.)

2. I will exercise. (I am hitting 10,000 steps regularly.)

3. I will stretch. (I stretch and do strength exercises for 20 minutes each day.)

4. I will read my bible. (I found a Lutheran website that sends me a daily bible reading.)

5. I will do something that I have been avoiding. (I haven’t stuck to my Google calendar schedule this month and hope to do better in December.)

6. I will contact a friend and let them know I am thinking of them. (Every day I try to send an email or message through Facebook.)

7. I will be happy. (It has been hard this month when dealing with a family tragedy.)

I think I’ve been doing pretty well with my goals this month. Of course I can still improve on some of my daily goals and I hope to finish the one annual goal that I haven’t completed yet. I’m also thinking about next year’s goals because I plan on repeating this process again.

Have you reviewed your goals or resolutions you made at the beginning of the year? How are you doing? Please share.

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