Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A Story of Forgiveness

forgiveness In A New Shout Out, Along with An Extended Old One--And The Joke's On Me from Sioux's Page, Sioux mentions,

“Chicken Soup has a new call out for submissions. The Power of Forgiveness…How about it? I know everyone has a story about forgiveness they can craft and send off...Right?”

This had me thinking overall about forgiveness. I am the world’s worst at giving forgiveness. I can hold a grudge like nobody else! If someone has hurt me deeply, I can’t get past the forgiveness stage and move on. I won’t ever trust them again. I’d like to think that I’m the best but I know I’m not. In my head I tell myself that I have forgiven but I don’t forget but if I hadn’t forgotten, then have I really forgiven? If I can’t give my trust, I know I haven’t forgiven them because I don’t want to be hurt again.

I know that I have done many things unintentionally that have hurt other people and have even asked for them to forgive me. I hope and expect others to forgive my shortcomings but yet, I find it hard to do the same. I guess in my life forgiveness is not a two way street and it should be. I hope to try harder next year with this but I know it will be a struggle.

This makes me think of my students who struggle with learning. Many parents don’t understand what a disability is and have thought their child may have been lazy or just not trying hard enough. Many times my students blame themselves for their disability or troubles at home because they feel their disability has caused tension at home. Many are unable to forgive themselves for having a disability even if this is not their fault. I try to explain that having a disability is not something you have control over but how you live with it is something you can control.

How many times has an adult/teacher hurt them with their words and their actions? How many times do I expect my students to forgive and move on? How can I ask them to trust me when they are afraid of being hurt again? I have to try to change their perception of what I am asking them to do and help them feel the joy of success. But this takes time and I’m not sure if they really forgive.

How do you feel about forgiveness? Please share.

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Unknown said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Pat.

As always, you made me think. You are so right. Students with special needs...students who deal with dysfunctional families...they find it difficult to trust and forgiveness does not come easily.