Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Time for Everything

spelling In  Why You Can’t Click “Publish” from Ideas and Thoughts, Dean Shareski talks about spelling errors in his blog.

“That’s why many of you won’t blog or click publish. Not necessarily because you might make a spelling error but because you’re worried about what someone might think…We need to understand that this space is different, that this medium breaks down the requirements and allows for much quicker and primarily more conversations to take place means we can’t still think about publishing in the same way. I’m not suggested spelling and revision isn’t important but THIS SPACE IS A CONVERSATION, not a monologue.”

I used to worry about this a lot but now I don’t, thanks to comments like that above. I try to proof read what I write but I still publish it and when I go back, I find some errors. That is why they make an edit button.

I try to explain this to my husband who collects postcards and stamps. He has all these wonderful items and I suggested sharing some of them on a blog. But he agonizes over his writing and his spelling. I explain to him that it is all about the sharing of information and opening up dialogue about his hobby.

That is why I blog. I am trying to share my knowledge from the 30+ years of teaching that I have had. I don’t want to watch it all disappear because I’m no longer in the classroom. I think a lot of good strategies and techniques can be passed on through the ages. Learning diplomacy and tact will never go away with the introduction of new technology. Learning to work with the different personalities of students will never go away.

I try to explain to my students that when they are texting or emailing in a professional setting, they need to use proper writing etiquette. I also expect proofreading when they are turning in work for a grade (I would do the same for myself). I don’t see blogging as a formal writing setting so I can live with mistakes on other people’s blogs. I’m more interested in the content and the conversation.

How do you feel about spelling and grammatical errors in blogs? Please share.

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Dean Shareski said...

I found this video also helpful in understanding and appreciating language and sharing.

loonyhiker said...

@Dean Shareski That was a great video and definitely made me smile!