Thursday, May 10, 2012


(Today’s post is for the letter W in the A-Z challenge.)
According to the Free Dictionary, waffling is “A popular synonym for indecision.”
When I first became a teacher, I was not very confident or sure of myself. Even though there were lots of politics going on, I didn’t want to take any side because I was afraid of how it would affect my job. If people asked me of my opinion, I would waffle. I was the Queen of Waffling!
Now that I’m older, I have become more confident in myself and in my teaching. I definitely have an opinion about pretty much everything and anything. I think my husband wishes I didn’t!
I look back now to my beginning years as a teacher and I wish that I did not spend so much time waffling. I don’t think that people respect you as much if you waffle. Even if people don’t agree with you, at least you have an opinion and stand up for what you believe in.
I admire those who can do this. In fact, I tend to listen more to people who know exactly how they feel and are willing to share their opinions. I tend to move people who waffle to the back seat in my mind. I realize that in the past, people probably did the same to me.
So, if you are a beginning teacher, I want to encourage you to think about what you believe in. Be willing to share your ideas and thoughts. Be willing to stand up for what you think. Don’t waffle in your thoughts and become a wallflower. Don’t blend into the woodwork. Stand out and be seen. It will help you in the long run. People will see you as a leader. They will listen to you more readily and possibly see the value in what you say.
Along with all of this, I would add one caveat. Be willing to listen too. Listening is not waffling. Be willing to change your stand if someone can convince you that you are wrong. Be willing to state that your views have changed because of someone else’s point of view. Be willing to share what changed your mind.
These actions will help you be more successful in your classroom and in your life. It is a great example to set for students.
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