Thursday, May 24, 2012

Before and After

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         When we first moved into our home, I took before pictures. As we have done work on the house over the years, I have taken pictures of it before and after. I love seeing the difference but especially when I look back over the years.

I guess I like to do that with my spinning too. I love taking pictures of the fiber and then after it becomes yarn. After it is finished, I always feel surprised at how it turned out because it seems so different than the beginning fiber.

I love seeing progress. Whether it is in my writing, or my gardening, or my knitting, I love to see progress.

I imagine that my students feel the same way.

As the end of the year approaches, I take the time to meet with each student individually. I love to share the growth that I see in the student. Sometimes they don’t realize it about themselves. I like to ask them if they see any differences in themselves and what they are.

I like to look at myself and think about how I have grown throughout the year. I like to list the new things that I have learned, or things that I have changed about myself.

Change is all about growth. Growing more sure of myself and learning what I need to grow is important. Measuring growth is easier if you have can see before and after.

Meanwhile as I continue to change and grow, I will keep taking those pictures.

How do you document before and after? Please share.

Image: 'The Start'

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