Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Get Up and Move

moveI realized that I have been sitting too much. I sit and complain about gaining weight and feeling yucky but I don’t do anything about it. Well now I have a plan. I hope I can stick to it. I might not lose any weight but surely I will be healthier.

I am starting to run on my treadmill instead of just walking. Right now I’m walking/running for 2 miles. I hope to keep increase my running time so that I can run the entire 2 miles and then move the distance up.

I will do some kind of gardening each day for at least an hour. If I’m gardening, I’m not sitting. I’m not stuffing my face in front of the TV. I’m burning calories.

I will drink more water. I hate drinking water. Everyone says I need to drink more.

I will eat a piece of fruit every day. This is usually an apple but now as the weather gets warmer, I see cantaloupe in my future. My hubby loves watermelon so I know that we will be eating more of that.

Every hour that I’m sitting in front of the TV, I will do some squats and toe touches.

I will also do stretches at least once a day.

What kinds of things will you do to be healthier this season? Please share.

Image: 'It takes a long time to grow+young.'

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jfb57 said...

I've had the same set of thoughts so will think of you when I force myself to get up off my butt!