Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Great Adventure 2011 Colorado– 7/8/11

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This morning we went to Rocky Mountain National Park through Estes Park on the east side. We started off the day by hiking with the ranger at the Moraine Visitor Center. Then we tried to find some place to sell me a diet pepsi but nowhere around had any so we went back out of the park to McDonalds where I had lots of diet coke to wake me up.

Then we headed back into the park to the Alluvial Fan. It is as beautiful as I remember it! The water gushing down the fan was magnificent. This alluvial fan was caused by a flood in 1982.

After we left there we went to Sheep Lakes where it is known that sheep cross the road there. When we arrived, a sheep had just crossed the road and we were able to see it and take pictures of it! There are even volunteers who stop traffic and allow the sheep to cross the street safely. It was pretty exciting.

After that we drove around the park looking for more wildlife but eventually headed back to Fort Collins. We got back in time before the heavy rain. For dinner we stopped at the Hibachi Grill which is just like the one we have at home.

What I Learned Today:

· Ponderosa pine bark smells like vanilla.

· Alluvial Fans are caused by flooding.

· Sheep are nervous animals.

· Abert squirrels eat ponderosa pine parts.

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Original Photo: Friends by Pat Hensley


Sioux Roslawski said...

"The Quest for Diet Pepsi." Sorry you were not successful.

That's interesting that the bark smells like vanilla.

I guess you know now, Pat, that I'm traveling (vicariously) with you. Continue to have fun!

Anonymous said...

You've learned some beautiful things that day. Rocky Mountain National Park is one of the most enchanting places.