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The Great Adventure 2011 Colorado– 7/5/11

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This morning we decided to head towards Hot Sulphur Springs and Steamboat Springs for the day. The drive over the mountains and through the passes was beautiful! Of course I kept having Don stop so I could take pictures. When we arrived we stopped at the Colorado Department of Wildlife office and were told about a beautiful waterfall in the area. We parked downtown Steamboat Springs and shopped at the F. M. Light store which reminded me a lot of our Mast General Store at home. There were signs along the highway coming into town that reminded me of the old Burma Shave signs (the ones I’ve heard about because you know I’m much too young to have seen the actual signs!). After shopping we had a wonderful lunch at the Creekside Café. I had a combo meal which was an Apple spinach salad with Green chili and ham stew. The salad was very tasty and the soup had a lot of heat to it but it was good too.

After lunch we went to Fish Creek Falls and hiked a few miles. The waterfall was an awesome sight! I guess because the snow is melting and there is a lot of water but that was something to see! I’m not sure the pictures do it justice but it was great to see in person. I’m really glad we took the time to see it and glad our annual national park pass covered the $5 fee.

On the way back to Granby, we decided to take a scenic route and went back a different way through Oak Creek to make a loop drive. We found out that Oak Creek was a small mining town.

By the time we got back to Granby, it was dinner time and relaxation time. Tomorrow we will head to Fort Collins, CO and working on a scenic route there. I think we won’t take the Hwy 34 through the park but may go north to Walden and through Gould. I’m not sure what we are getting into but it will be an adventure!

What I Learned Today:

· It is good to stop at US Forestry offices to see what is available in the area.

· They use guardian dogs to protect sheep herds. According to the advisory sign, “try to outrun the dogs!” (And this is not a joke!)

· It is useful to ask locals where their favorite place to eat is rather than where they recommend for you to go.

· Usually waterfalls are beautiful sights no matter how much water is falling!

· Wifi on smartphones and Ipads are great until you can’t get a signal in the mountains. That is when it is good to have a GPS system in the car!

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Original Photo: Fish Creek Falls by Pat Hensley

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Sioux Roslawski said...

I agree. GPS is a wonderful thing, and locals ALWAYS know the best, off-the-beaten-track places to eat.