Friday, July 1, 2011

The Great Adventure 2011 (Kansas)– 6/30/11

032For more pictures, click HERE. This morning we woke up very early and decided to hit the road before they even started serving breakfast. Of course that means we hit the Kansas City rush hour and construction on I-70. I had even forgotten that it becomes a toll road for a little while and cost us $2.50. Along the road we saw signs about a Cavalry Museum and decided to check it out. It was free and located on the Fort Riley army base. It was pretty interesting and had lots of interesting artifacts. The day got hotter and hotter the longer we drove west through Kansas. Eventually we stopped for the night in Colby Kansas and stayed at a Hampton Inn. While driving around to see the town, we saw a sign that said it was 111F. After dinner at the City Limits steakhouse, the sign said it was 115F!

What I Learned Today:

· Don’t be afraid to stop and check out museums along the way (especially if they are free).
· Don’t leave my pocketbook behind at McDonalds! (nothing was stolen, thank goodness)
· You need to drink more water when it is extremely hot outside.
· is my friend when we are traveling! We saved a lot of money by checking this first.

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Original Photo Temperature by Pat Hensley

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jan brown said...

Mike is so jealous of your travels! We will be following along as you go. Your list includes some of our favorite places and also some that we want to visit. Safe travels. Jan and Mike Brown