Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Traveling Around the USA

from the blog www.stuckincustoms.comWe are about to jump in the car and wonder the USA for the summer. I plan on blogging about our trip, sharing pictures, and noting at least one thing that I’ve learned that day. I plan on keeping my Useful Info on Fridays though. If following us along on a virtual tour of the US does not excite you or interest you, please ignore the posts from now until September (other than Fridays). I plan to return to usual educational posts in September.

Hubby is a little worried about me blogging about our trip but he really likes to look at some of my old posts to see what we did and where we stayed at some of these places. We agreed that I could blog and we have lots of people watching our house plus we have the police putting extra patrols on our house. Of course they also like to sit on our side porch to do their paperwork (we live in a very small town) so I’m not as worried as my hubby. But if you live near me and are reading this – please don’t rob my house! We feel sentimental about the junk that is in it (and believe me, most of it is sentimental junk and very little monetary value! LOL)

The following places/cities are on our tentative schedule and we may add some other places if the mood strikes us. If you live in or near any of these places, please let me know and maybe we could arrange a meet up. I love meeting my online friends in person!

· Granby, CO (new)

· Estes Park, CO

· Rocky Mountain National Park (was there 2009 with lots of snow)

· Devils Tower, WY (new)

· Thermopolis, WY (new)

· Cody, WY (was there in 2005 to see the rodeo)

· Yellowstone National Park (was there in 2005)

· Kalispell, MT (new)

· Glacier National Park(new)

· Arco, ID (new)

· Craters of the Moon National Monument (new)

· Moab, UT (was there in 2006, 2009)

· Arches National Park (was there in 2006)

· Kanab, UT (new)

· Grand Canyon National Park (north Rim) (new)

· Bryce Canyon National Park (was there in 2006 and 2009)

· Zion National Park (was there in 2006 and 2009)

· Durango, CO (was there 2009 with lots of snow)

· Sand Dunes National Park (was there in 2009)

· Canon City, CO (new)

· Salina, KS (new)

I’m excited. Can you tell? If you have any “must see” things at any of these places, please let me know so we can add it to our list!

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Image: 'The Long Road Home'


Sioux Roslawski said...

Can you tell I'm green with envy? I've only been to Yellowstone...It's gorgeous, but you know that already since you've been there before.

What about the "gateway to the west"--St. Louis?

HappyChyck said...

That sounds like an awesome trip! I look forward to hearing about your travels!

Ev said...

We'll have to meet up when you get to Kalispell and Glacier Park. Hopefully the snow will even be melted by then. We are all anxiously awaiting the opening of the Going to the Sun Road which doesn't sound like will be open for July 4th this year.

Mrs. Olsen said...

Sounds like a great trip! I would suggest a stop at Grand Teton National Park if possible. I really enjoyed the view from Inspiration Point Trail.


jfb57 said...

What a wonderful trip Pat. I will be following from an extreme jealous stance! ;)

Hubby has always wanted to visit the Grand Canyon you go!

loonyhiker said...

OMG! I had hoped that road would be open by now! We will be spending about 4 days in Kalispell so hubby and I would love to meet up with you!! Please email me at and I will send you my cell phone number. Thanks!

Jordanne said...

Look forward to hearing about all your travels! Many places that you mentioned are places that I would like to visit soon, like Glacier Park and Yellowstone!
If you feel like traveling off the beaten path - head on over to Western North Dakota to visit the Badlands and Theodore Roosevelt National Park - lovely. Then you could possibly head north and catch the International Peace Garden on the Central part of North Dakota/Canadian border!!!!

Safe travels!