Wednesday, June 15, 2011

First Aid/CPR

CPRMy husband and I recently took a first aid/CPR class with the Red Cross. I have taken this course many times ever since I graduated high school (many many years). I was surprised how the details keep changing.

After finishing this course, I understand why people should retake this course every few years or when their certificate runs out. It seems as research is done, they find ways to make this better.

It seems much easier to understand now than when I took this more than 30 years ago.
I also think it should be a required course to take in high school. It is such a wonderful course and may save many lives as more and more people are educated and trained to do this.

We learned about CPR and the AED also. Most businesses have an AED and by learning how to use it, it took the scariness out of it.

I truly believe if an emergency came up involving cardiac arrest or first aid, I am much better prepared to handle it now that I have this training than before. Knowledge is a powerful tool.

If you haven’t taken this course or need refreshing, I highly recommend that you contact your local Red Cross office to find out where and when the course is given.

What other courses do you think are important? Please share.

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