Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Summer Reading List

booksI love keeping track of the books I want to read, am currently reading and have read on Shelfari. I can also read summaries of the books and reviews by other people.

Here are some books that I would like to read this summer:

The Numbers Behind NUMB3RS by Keith Devlin - “The companion to the hit CBS crime series Numb3rs presents the fascinating way mathematics is used to fight real-life crime Using the popular CBS prime-time TV crime series Numb3rs as a springboard, Keith Devlin (known to millions of NPR listeners as “the Math Guy” on NPR’s Weekend Edition with Scott Simon ) and Gary Lorden (the principal math advisor to Numb3rs ) explain real-life mathematical techniques used by the FBI and other law enforcement agencies to catch and convict criminals. From forensics to counterterrorism, the Riemann hypothesis to image enhancement, solving murders to beating casinos, Devlin and Lorden present compelling cases that illustrate how advanced mathematics can be used in state-of-the-art criminal investigations.”

The Intentional Spinner: A Holistic Approach to Making Yarn by Judith MacKenzie McCuin - “Offering a blend of technical knowledge, history, and easy-to-use tips, this inspiring collection of spinning wisdom deftly explores the three fundamental areas of yarn production: understanding fibers, managing yarn structure, and making yarns that precisely meet the spinner's needs.”

Fierce Conversations: Achieving Sucess at Work and in Life One Conversation at a Time by Susan Scott – “The master teacher of positive change through powerful communication, Susan Scott wants her readers to succeed. To do that, she explains, one must transform everyday conversations employing effective ways to get the message across.”

The Art of Learning: A Journey in the Pursuit of Excellence by Josh Waitzkin – “Through his own example, Waitzkin explains how to embrace defeat and make mistakes work for you.”

No Idle Hands (1988):The Social History of American Knitting by Anne L. Macdonald – “Drawn from diaries, letters and personal reminiscences, No Idle Hands tells an intimate and sometimes hair-raising story of hand knitting in America from Colonial times onward”

In addition to these books to improve my mind, I plan to also do light reading from authors Nevada Barr, Traci Peterson, Maggie Sefton, and Nora Roberts.

What is on your summer reading list?

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Sioux Roslawski said...

"Their Eyes Were Watching God" by Zpra Neale Hurston (I have to reread it; originally read it decades ago) for a book group. That's first on my list...

HappyChyck said...

Hair-raising stories about knitting? I had no idea...

The numbers/crime book sounds fascinating!

Will you be reporting back on you summer reads?

My list is woefully fluffy, but as you can see from my Shelfari posted on my blog, that's how I roll these days. My reading list consists of books I've purchased but have not read yet. I'm excited to blow off the dust and get to it!

loonyhiker said...

@Sioux thanks! I will check it out!
@HappyChyck I will definitely be reporting on what I am learning and if I would recommend the book.

Sioux Roslawski said...

Ooops. Perhaps you've never heard of the author Zpra Neale Hurston? Perhaps because I made an awful typo (probably needless to say).

ZORA Neale Hurston...It's a classic!

loonyhiker said...

It is available at my local library so I will check it out. Thanks!