Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Reflections on Teaching

thinking Each year when I teach the practicum, I have my teachers reflect on their lessons and teaching practices. I decided that I need to do the same thing. In their reflections, I ask them to summarize their lessons, tell what worked and what didn’t work, and then what they would do differently. So here is my reflections about my class:


I taught a practicum that involved 5 teachers teaching 19 students with special needs. Teachers are those getting their master’s degree in special education and this course was the last course of their program. They were applying all that they learned in their master’s program. The students, ages 6-14, had learning disabilities, emotional disabilities or autism. During the four week program, students were taught reading, writing, math, and social skills. I was able to observe and evaluate their lesson plans and lessons. Teachers needed to assess the students in order to teach them according to their level. At the end of each week, parents were given a written report about their child and the last week, they were given a detailed report including teacher recommendations.

What worked:

· I think the combination of teachers that I paired in each classroom worked well. Plus, the only male teacher taught the older students who were all boys.

· Each teacher was responsible for the four students but could also teach group lessons.

· I am glad that I contacted the teachers in May before school let out so that they could prepare in advance for their classes. I felt like

· I was able to be a resource for the teachers and due to my experience, give them valuable suggestions and advice.

· I developed a program survey for the parents to fill out in order to make our program better.

What didn’t work:

I think everything worked well but I think things could be done differently so they can be even better.

Changes I would make:

· The first day would be without students so we can talk, plan, and collaborate without any students there.

· I would have the teachers call students’ parents if the students are absent.

· I would buy a playground ball, jump rope, and chalk.

· I would have the teachers make 2 copies of their reports (one for the parents and one for the file) so I did not have to do that.

· I would have teachers turn in assessments measures, results, amd summary for each student at the end of the first week.

· I would have teachers give each student their final report during the final ceremony so we can applaud the student’s hard work.

If I think of any other changes I would make, I can always add them to this post. I will plan on referring to this before I start the program again next summer.

For those of you starting back to school, what changes do you plan to make in order to make this year better for you?

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shorter college rome said...

It is really nice to reflect on our teaching strategies. To see what works and what needs to be improved is the best way to become a quality educator.

Curly J said...

I just came across your blog through the 'Blogged' directory and I'm excited to begin browsing through your posts for teaching tips! I'm starting my PDP (the teaching program at Simon Fraser University) next month and I am extremely eager to get started! This has been something I have been looking forward to since I was in Grade 2!

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