Tuesday, December 15, 2009

This Year and Next Year

The Apple Jill Hare from The Apple emailed me with these thought provoking open ended sentences. She asked that I fill out at least one of them and since I am an overachiever, I filled out each one. It was a great time of reflection for me and I invite you to give it a try too.

"This year I learned...."

This year I learned how wonderful it is to connect with others. Because of Plurk, Twitter, Skype, blogs and many other useful tools, I am able to connect with people all around the world. When I connect with others, I realize that the world doesn’t seem as big and scary as I thought it was.

"This year I noticed....."

This year I noticed that even though we may live in different places, we all want many of the same things for our children. We have a lot of the same dreams for the future generations. Our geographic locations really don’t mean anything when I look at our children and realize our hopes for them are the same. The details may be different but the big picture looks the same.

"Next year, I look forward to....."

Next year, I look forward to connecting with more people and learning new things. It is fun to learn and share with others. Since learning is a lifelong process, I hope to continue gathering new knowledge.

"Next year, I hope...."

Next year, I hope to continue to blog and connect with others who can gain from my knowledge and experiences. I hope other teachers will use me for a resource when they struggle and need encouragement. I hope that I can give teachers a “hand up” when they “fall down”

Thanks to The Apple for allowing me to contribute to their site!

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